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      Instruction for Authors


  Russian Journal of Nematology publishes in English original research on any aspect of nematology. Review articles, book reviews, conference announcements, information and conference reports can also be submitted for publication.
  Contributors are invited to submit files for Word (doc) and Acrobat Reader (pdf) containing all texts, tables and illustrations for review. For the final procession of the accepted paper, all illustrations (line-art drawings, half-tone photographs etc.) should be sent as attached files in a higher resolution format. Manuscript and illustrations are to be sent to RJN Secretary - Drs Natalia Butorina or Elena A. Guzeeva:
  Manuscripts, with their pages numbered consecutively (no numbering of lines), will contain the title, the names of the author(s), their business mailing address, e-mail, followed by English summary, not exceeding 150 words, key words, and running title. Then text of the manuscript is to be presented starting from condensed introduction followed by Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, Acknowledgements and References, as separate sections.
  Short Notes are accepted only when they present valuable information of general nematological importance which can not be incorporated into a longer paper and will be subject to the full editorial process. The short communications should consist of the title, author(s) name(s), affiliation & e-mail addresses, the body of a text not exceeding three pages or 600 words; Acknowledgement and References sections and may contain only one figure or table.
  Contributions with descriptions of new species of nematodes or re-descriptions of known ones will be considered for publication only if differential diagnostics based on the traditional morphological data are supported by relevant molecular data.
  Numerical data should be presented preferably in graph form or in tabular format. Figures and tables should be presented individually on separate sheets with their Legends typed on a separate sheet. Graphs and drawings must be clear with appropriately sized symbols, lettering and line thickness and presented in their final size. Photographs should also be clear and presented in their final size, e.g. width 170 mm with maximum depth of 215 mm.
  SI units (Le Systeme International d’Unites) should be used and units consistent throughout the manuscript, i.e. imperial and metric units must not be used together within a manuscript.   References in the text are given as – Author (1993), Author & Another (1993), Author et al. (1993) or (Author, 1993), (Author & Another, 1993), (Author et al., 1993). When several references are placed in parentheses they are ordered chronologically. References are listed as follows:

Journal Papers
Coomans, A. 1996. Phylogeny of the Longidoridae. Russian Journal of Nematology 4: 51-60.
Tchesunov, A.V., Malakhov, V.V. & Yushin, V.V. 1996. Comparative morphology and evolution of the cuticle in marine nematodes. Russian Journal of Nematology 4: 43-50.

  Title of articles written in Russian or other non-Latin scripts should be translated whereas titles of journals should be transliterated or both English and (accepted) transliterated title provided. The language of the publication should be indicated in brackets.

Journal Paper in Russian
Romanenko, N.D. 1976. [Longidorids of fruit and berry crops]. Zashchita Rastenii 9: 52-53 (in Russian).

Journal Paper in other non-Latin scripts
Liu, B., Mei, Y.Y. & Zheng, J.W. 2007. [Species-specific detection of inter-populations of Ditylenchus destructor.] Journal of Zhejiang University (Agricultural & Life Sciences.) – Zhe Jiang Da Xue Xue Bao (Nong Ye Yu Sheng Ming Ke Xue Ban) 33: 490-496 (in Chinese).

Decraemer, W. 1995. The Family Trichodoridae: Stubby Root and Virus Vector Nematodes. The Netherlands, Kluwer Academic Publishers. 360 pp.

Chapter in book
Hooper, D.J. & Evans, K. 1993. Extraction, identification and control of plant parasitic nematodes. In: Plant Parasitic Nematodes in Temperate Agriculture (K. Evans, D.L. Trudgill & J.M. Webster. Eds.). pp. 1-59. Wallingford, UK. CAB International.

  The RJN does not provide free reprints. The authors will be provided with a pdf-file of their article.

  International copyright laws apply to all material published in the RJN with authors retaining all and full copyrights for their articles. Prior approval and permission should be obtained from the appropriate author(s) and the Editorial Board of the RJN before copying or reproducing any material published in the journal.